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This documentary started with the idea of ​​spreading the reality of most Spanish emigrants who has seen no other choice but to try their luck abroad since the outbreak of the economic crisis, leaving behind a lifetime in the search of a better future.


A train journey across Europe, as the first emigrants did, to check the situation of some young Spaniards in different parts of the continent. We'll see how they live, how they feel and ultimately, how the situation in our country affects them miles away.

If you're one of them, your story has to be told. Find below our e-mail where you can tell us your experience as an emigrant and we will try our best to go and interview you. E-mail: historias@emigra2.org (with subject Emigra2 + the city where you are)


You can take part in our crowdfunding campaign. In return for your contribution, you will receive a reward chosen by yourself. With each contribution, you help us to produce and create this project, which has become so important for us in these difficult times.

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Emigra2, a documentary film of Agon Productions. © 2014 design by Álvaro Delso

In the last century, Spain has been both a destination country for immigrants as a source country of emigrants to other countries. Economic and political circumstances have almost always been the determinants of these population movements.

Currently, Spain has unsustainable numbers of youth unemployment, a fact that has led many young people to seek their future in other European destinations, less hit by the failure of our economic model and crisis. The origin of the global economic crisis began with the collapse of Lehman Brothers in the USA.

But there is another side of immigration that is not reflected in numbers or statistics, nor calls the attention of readers on the cover of newspapers. It is the face of the deep feelings experienced by those who leave their familiar surroundings to venture into new worlds of traditions, languages and silences, new people and loneliness. All in search of a future that allows them to develop professionally at the height of their ability and preparation or a future where these young people simply do not depend on the old age pensioner Grandma.

This feature-length documentary tells the story of many Spaniards who are forced to migrate (some not so obliged as hopeful) and that have come out of Spain looking for the possibilities, which are not given in their own country.

Where is my Erasmus scholarship? What differentiates this generation from the emigrants of the twentieth century? What feelings do identify these young emigrants? What differentiates us from immigrants coming from North Africa to Europe? What could happen if our emigrants never return to Spain? These are some of the questions that we want to share with you. Also, we would like you to send us your questions and reflections.

We want this documentary to be participative.  During the process of adaptation in the host country, the immigrants can feel lost and getting used to the language, the culture or new city where they are living can be a very difficult task until they finally find themselves adapted in this complete new situation.

You can make the film yours too by sending your own stories to our e-mail historias@emigra2.org  or by collaborating in the creative process of pre-production and production through our crowfunding and e-mail info@emigra2.org.