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This documentary started with the idea of ​​spreading the reality of most Spanish emigrants who has seen no other choice but to try their luck abroad since the outbreak of the economic crisis, leaving behind a lifetime in the search of a better future.


A train journey across Europe, as the first emigrants did, to check the situation of some young Spaniards in different parts of the continent. We'll see how they live, how they feel and ultimately, how the situation in our country affects them miles away.

If you're one of them, your story has to be told. Find below our e-mail where you can tell us your experience as an emigrant and we will try our best to go and interview you. E-mail: historias@emigra2.org (with subject Emigra2 + the city where you are)


You can take part in our crowdfunding campaign. In return for your contribution, you will receive a reward chosen by yourself. With each contribution, you help us to produce and create this project, which has become so important for us in these difficult times.

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Emigra2, a documentary film of Agon Productions. © 2014 design by Álvaro Delso

The film Emigra2 aims to clarify with authenticity and sincerity the current widespread vision of Spanish emigrants in Europe, by giving them a voice, relating their experiences and their stories.  These are real stories that not only include statistics and facts. In the film, not only speak those who left everything behind, but also those who stayed and watched their people go, relying on a new perspective for the future. Looking for a better world to those who had to catch a train with nothing else but hope.

The departure of these young (and not so young) people has been determined by several and different reasons. In Spain, the job market is not getting any better, the political apathy and the worsening of working conditions make emigration an increasingly common solution, and for many of them it becomes the only way out. There are also more individual reasons which will be discussed, but mostly there is a feeling shared by all those who are miles away from home: melancholy and homesickness.

From Seville to Paris, and from Paris to Munich, where our journey began. A journey in search of true stories, through the voice of Spanish emigrants. This film lives in the present, and our next trip will take us to Düsseldorf, Amsterdam and Brussels, with the intention to add new stories that are taking place outside of Spain. People that live with the uncertainty of whether one day they will return home.